Reiki is a complementary treatment that stimulates energy to move through the body. Reiki works on the principle of the Life Energy that is inherent in all things within the Universe. This Universal Life Force Energy is what connects us all to one another, to our surroundings, and to the Universe.

I have created this course specifically for online learning, at a nominal price because one's ability to pay should never get in the way of learning.


I've made my course available on several platforms.

Each platform includes the full Reiki 1 - Master PDF or paperback manual, videos, attunement, certificate, and lineage.


"The in-depth of information this course provided was just fabulous. I have got a great idea of how to start practicing Reiki daily and to bring it into mine and my family's lives. Namaste"

J.S.. - Udemy Student

"I'm amazed how much information there is in this course and am really enjoying it so far. Thank you very much. It's amazingly generous for the price."

J.W. - Udemy Student

"I am learning invaluable information and growing in my understanding of Reiki. The teacher’s voice is very soothing yet passionate about the subject materials."

C.N.S. - Udemy Student


I've already taken Reiki 1 / 2 and have been attuned, can I just take the Master level? - My course was designed as a full Reiki 1-Master course, and each of the levels flows into each other seamlessly. Because I don't know the teaching you previously received, I do require you to take all three levels to receive your Master Level Attunement.

Will I receive an attunement after each Reiki Level? - If you plan on going right through to the Master Level, only the Master Level Attunement is necessary; however, if you plan to take your time between levels, or just would like the 1 & 2 attunements, I will happily perform them for you and send you the accompanying Certificate.

Is there an additional cost for the Attunements or Certificate? - Nope! It's all included in the initial course fee. (If you choose to have the Reiki 1 & 2 attunements done separately, there is NO extra charge for the attunement or certificate).

Am I required to purchase anything else for the course? - Nope! Not at all. I give lots of options for everyday items you can use to enhance your practice. I do offer Reiki items and artwork in my Etsy shop. They aren't necessary to purchase, but they do allow me to continue to offer this course at such a low price, (Plus, they're one-of-a-kind works of art, that are affordably priced!)

How is the Attunement performed? - Each attunement is performed personally by me via a 20-minute appointment. I do NOT schedule more than one at a time or do any group attunements. they are all personally done. It is a distance attunement.

Can I use your materials to teach? - I don't mind you using my course in your own Reiki classes, as long as you give proper credit. I DO ask that you require your students to purchase my book on their own. I have put a lot of work into this course, and I don't make any profit from the course itself. Please refer to the links above to order the book, and contact me directly for bulk orders.